Simply_Stunning_027-2Kristin Kaplan
Owner | Event Planner

I love creating order out of chaos
8:00 am is my favorite time of the day
Lists keep me sane
I am proud of my obsessive-compulsive tendencies
Music is my passion
I feel most calm in an empty room with a piano
Raised in the northeast, educated out west, I’m finally settled in the south
But I am FAR from a Southern Belle
I have a slight TV obsession, particularly with shows that make me think or cry
I previously worked in Hollywood
I don’t cook, I microwave
Fortunately, I married a man that cooks
I have two beautiful daughters and three dogs, Dudley, Cali, and Jagger
I sing in my car…quite loudly in fact
I prefer the comfort of cute flats but I can rock a stiletto when the need arises
I feel it is my duty as a natural blonde to debunk the stereotypes
I prefer straight-talk, sometimes to a fault
I adore weddings


Simply_Stunning_036-2Jennifer Scholl
Event Planner

Fall is my favorite season, especially in New England
I was raised in Massachusetts, but after college I followed my family South. Tennessee is now officially home
I love everything about my job. Event planning is my passion
I am most happy when surrounded by people who make me laugh
Seeing the grooms facial expression as his bride walks down the aisle is my favorite moment in every wedding
It’s safe to say I’m obsessed with Pinterest
A good challenge keeps me motivated, I work best under pressure
My family inspires me
Cape Cod will always be my heaven on earth
Music calms me. When I finally find the time, I will take piano lessons
My monthly planner is swimming in sticky notes. They keep my life organized
I love to travel. Italy is #1 on my bucket list, and someday I will check it off
I have had the same best friend since preschool. She may know me better than I know myself
Someday I will run the Boston Marathon





Simply_Stunning_035-2Rachel Hogan
Event Assistant

I lived in Vienna, Austria for three months my sophomore year of college
I have dated the same boy since I was 15
Last year, that boy flew out and proposed while my family was visiting my sister in Vienna, and I said yes
I am also a Simply Stunning bride
Traveling is my favorite hobby
Yoga is good for my soul
Born and raised in Nashville, I am still here in law school at Belmont University
I have an Arizona Arnold Palmer addiction
I look up to my little sister
I am obsessed with board games and trivia
Ice cream is my favorite food
Chick-flicks and popcorn make up my perfect night
I have (and use) 4 planners to keep my life organized
I am “the honest one” out of my friends
Go Titans!




Rebecca Watson
Event Assistant

Everyone actually calls me Boo
At age 21 I graduated from Trevecca Nazarene University
Tennessee has been home to me all my life, minus the one semester I lived in Paris, France
Go Vols!!
I enjoy simplicity and good food
My daughter, Mallory, is a 4 pound yorkie
I love all types of music, but I especially love The Fray
I have been dancing since I was old enough to walk
My hip hop dance team won multiple national competitions back in the day
I get the greatest sense of satisfaction from daily organization of my planner
Everything looks better in purple or glitter
I would rather be cold than hot
I don’t like when things are predictable
I absolutely love my job!