Wedding Day Photo Locations

Even though I am not a photographer myself, I am often asked by clients about locations for their wedding day photos. How should you choose the best spot for gorgeous photos of your wedding party?

  1. First, think about the overall style and type of location you are wanting. Do you picture yourself in a lovely field with the sun setting behind you? Or in a more urban location that shows off the city you are getting married in? Or maybe you want a more formal, portrait feel to your photos? Whatever the case, have an idea in mind before you brainstorm actual locations.
  2. Next check with your photographer. Often they have scouted many locations in your city and will know of some neat hidden possibilities, or where to go that won’t have a fee to use the location. Your photographer will also understand the lighting conditions which is a HUGE component of great photos. You may love a particular location, but if the lighting is terrible, your photos won’t come out how you envision anyway.
  3. Draft a timeline and think about the logistics. If your photo location is 30 minutes from the site where you will be getting ready and another 25 minutes from your ceremony venue, you are going to waste a lot of time in travel mode. Also, how will you get there and back? Will the entire wedding party have to travel as well? The logistics can quickly become very complicated. Many times this is why choosing a photo location in close proximity to one of your venues (or in fact AT one of your venues) is often the best plan. The earlier you can map out the location and logistics, the less stressful this part of the planning process will be.

Happy planning!