When you begin the search for your wedding planner you may come across different terminology, most often Wedding Planner and Event Designer. How do you know which you need? There are stark differences between the two but essentially one is left brained and one is right brained.

A wedding planner is all things logic and reason. Planners are responsible for planning and executing the wedding including mapping out the planning process, creating a budget, recommending the right vendors, keeping the process on schedule, developing layouts, rental orders, and timelines, and more. On wedding day, planners oversee the entire set-up, troubleshoot any problems that crop up, manage vendors, and keep everyone on schedule.

A wedding or event designer is all things creative. Designers are responsible for developing a custom design, style, and aesthetic for the wedding. They typically source decor and items that fit the design and manage the decor vendors such as flowers, lighting, linens, and draping. On wedding day they oversee the set-up of these items, and tweak any design elements to be sure the visual aesthetic matches the custom design.

Can someone be both a planner and designer? It’s possible but also rare that someone truly excels at both planning and designing as we are naturally favor either the right or the left brain. It’s important to understand whether you are looking for a planner OR a designer. If you want both, try to find a company that offers both services. I am the first to admit that I am very much a “planner” which is why I employ an amazing in-house event designer to handle the custom designs for our clients. This way our clients truly get the best of both worlds.

Happy Planning!