Here is the final installment of our wedding vs. flood recap! Yes it really took 3 posts to tell the whole story of Lindsay and Jeff’s wedding day because it was a LONG day. We had reached the end of the night but the area was still under another tornado warning. Fortunately the storm passed us by and the inebriated guests began to board the shuttle back to their hotel (remember how we opened the bar early? yeah that resulted in about 6+ hours of drinking!). The catering staff from Bistro-to-go, Carry Ann, and my assistant Alex and I began break everything down and clear everything out despite the very heavy downpour still going on outside.

I want to end the story with three points. First, no one could have planned for this scenario. Plan A was an outdoor ceremony with a tented outdoor reception, and we had a plan B (rain plan) to do the ceremony under a covered gazebo with the guests watching from the tent, Plan C (if it was raining hard) was to do everything including the ceremony completely under the tent. One thing no one anticipated however was that TN would experience the highest volume of rainfall that weekend in over 500 years. And this would cause a tent that was actually had a high elevation, to flood. But we made it work, and if there is ever a time to point out the necessity of having a wedding planner/coordinator, this is certainly it. Not to toot my own horn or anything, but that wedding would not have happened if my team and I hadn’t have been there. Logistically, moving everything from the tent to the ballroom (or even knowing enough to make the call to do so) could not have been done without someone with experience who could take control of the situation, assign jobs to everyone helping, come up with a completely new floor plan that would fit everyone but still allow room for the servers to move, and do it all in less than 2 hours. So here’s my monthly pitch to please hire a professional wedding planner or at least an EXPERIENCED day-of coordinator.

Second point for all the brides out there, if you are planning to get married in April or May (in Tennessee) you NEED a rain plan. I have done many weddings in these two months and not to be negative but so far we’re experienced a rainy wedding day about 75% of the time. Yes, that’s a high percentage. It may not be an exact statistic but of the spring weddings we’ve done in the past few years about 3 out of 4 include rain. There’s no getting around it…it rains A LOT in April and May. So be prepared for it and have a very specific rain plan in place. And make sure you’re VERY comfortable with the idea that it will probably rain! I hear soooo many brides say “well I have a rain plan, but it’s not going to rain, I know it’s not, plus I’d be miserable if it rained on my wedding day”. If you think you’ll be miserable if you have to use your rain plan, then don’t pick April or May as your wedding month, simple as that. Because once again, it will probably rain. Make sure you are 100% OK with that fact if you choose to get married in the spring.

Finally, the saddest part about that weekend, was that it was only just the beginning for the rain and flooding to come for middle TN. The next day became much worse and many homes and businesses were devastated and lives lost. By Monday, downtown Nashville was under feet of water and the true extent of the damage was realized. So please if you have not done so already, donate to Nashville flood relief. It means so much to the residents of our state who have lost so much. The link below gives ample information about how to donate or volunteer.

Nashville is Flooded…How Can I Help?

Once again congrats to Lindsay & Jeff on your wedding and for being such an amazing and understanding couple during a crazy wet day!

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Nashville Wedding Coordinator