As promised, here are some helpful tips for creating a wedding registry that will be sure to please you and your guests!

1) Register early! Don’t wait until your invites have already hit the post office. Begin creating registries at least 6-9 months before your wedding. Not only will you be less busy during this time, but any guests who may want to send a gift early will appreciate you planning ahead.

2) Choose more than one store. Anything more than four is a bit overkill but choose places with different price ranges for items and add some variety! There are now photography registries, honeymoon registries, even mortgage registries so mix it up!

3) Only register for what you will actually need or use (this is something my fiance and I had some issues with). You might think you need that juicer so that you can make fresh pineapple juice every morning but really examine whether you’ll have the time for that (and whether you’ll want to deal with cleaning the thing after every cup of juice). Keep in mind you don’t HAVE to register for kitchenware or bath supplies. Love camping? Register for camping equipment! Do you travel often? Register for new luggage or set up a travel registry. There’s no point in getting gifts that will end up collecting dust in the attic someday.

4) Keep gift costs reasonable and register for items in a variety of price ranges. This concept is really really important. There’s no faster way to anger your guests than to have them pull up your registry only to find the least expensive item is $100. Try to mix and match more affordable options with a few splurges. And don’t ask for 12 sets of $300 china place settings. Most likely you’ll end up with two and you’ll have to buy the rest yourself to complete the set.

5) Make it easy for your guests to find your registry. Now, this does not mean you can include it on your invitation….no….never….don’t even think about it. The best place is on a wedding website with the rest of the information about your wedding. Create links on your site that direct your guests straight to the store’s website. And for your older guests who may not be computer-saavy, make sure your parents have your list of stores on hand so they can readily give out the information when asked.

6) Check your registries once in a while to make sure items have not sold out or been discontinued. Also, definitely check your registries often around the date of your wedding since most guests will buy gifts in the two weeks prior to your wedding date or in the two weeks after so be sure that there are still plenty of items to choose from in a variety of price ranges.

7) Write thank you notes promptly! I know some say you have until your 1st wedding anniversary to write your thank you notes, but personally I think that’s far too long and just rude. Find the time within 2-3 months after your wedding and send them out!